Frequently Asked Questions

Just like things are likely still different where you live, things are still a bit different in the Les Cheneaux Islands. Here are a few changes we have in place for the 2020 season to help make sure everyone stays healthy and safe.

Your cabin has been thoroughly cleaned with EPA approved disinfectants to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. You will also find a spray bottle with an alcohol and water solution for spraying down surfaces.

An ozone generator has also been run in your cabin as part of the sanitizing protocol.

Check-out time is at 9:00 am and check-in time is at 4:00 pm to give us more time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the cabins.

We will follow social distancing guidelines and best health practices and ask you to do the same.

Should you need anything while here, Mark and Esther will be available on the grounds. They are hoping to minimize face to time in the office so please avoid going in unless an emergency. They will be on the grounds daily and you may also text or call them at any time. Their numbers are in your cabin.

Our cozy cabins have all the amenities you will need to be comfortable during your stay. Each kitchen is fully equipped with a range, refrigerator, and stove. We start each cabin with a roll of toilet paper and one garbage bag. Please bring extras. In addition to bringing your own kitchen and bath linens, we are asking that you also bring your own bedding for the 2020 season. We appreciate your cooperation with this. So please bring your own pillows, bed sheets as well as comforters and blankets you use to sleep.

We love dogs and we welcome your well-behaved dog(s) to Les Cheneaux Landing. Please let us know before you come if you will be bringing a dog. There is a pet fee. Our resort is dog friendly but we ask that you have your dog(s) within your eye sight at all times. It’s not uncommon for neighboring dogs to wander over off leash. Please also be vigilant about cleaning up after your dog(s).

Les Cheneaux Landing does have limited WiFi. Due to area limitations, the best place for WiFi is by the office. WiFi network is LCLANDING and the password is in your cabin.

Water levels remain high on the Snows Chanel. We have completed our brand new boat dock and it’s beautiful! We hope you enjoy it. While the swim dock is gone, the swimming area is open and we have a swim mat for people to enjoy.

  • No smoking is allowed in ANY of the cabins on the premises.
  • Areas of the premises are maintained to be reasonably safe and free of hazards for normal use. Owner is not responsible for any injuries, accidents or illnesses caused by the recklessness, negligence, or failure to exercise reasonable care and caution by guest or members of guest’s party or visitors while on the premises.
  • Keep property and furnishings in good condition, and only use equipment and appliances for their intended uses. All fans and household items must be accounted for upon departure.
  • Dogs are not allowed on furniture or beds and please do not rearrange furniture.
  • Please make sure all dishes, bowls, glassware, pots, pans & utensils that are in this cabin when you arrive are back in this cabin before you leave.
  • Please observe Quiet Time from 11 pm to 8 am.
  • For safety, no glass on the beach or docks.
  • No diving from dock. Refrain from rough horseplay and running on dock. Swim at your own risk. Swim mat is to be used at your own risk.
  • Use extreme caution when the dock or any wooden decks or walkways are wet, as such surfaces can become slippery.
  • If fishing or hunting use the fish cleaning station. DO NOT PUT ENTRAILS IN THE DUMPSTER. Leave entrails in the buckets at the fish cleaning station. Do not clean fish in the cabin.
  • Campfire – Please use campfire wood provided at the fire pit; do not remove wood from the woodshed behind office. Do not extinguish fire with sand; let it burn out or pour water on it. Do not remove sand or ashes from fire pit. Please do not build a huge fire and be sure to keep fire contained in designated area.
  • Ceadarville Foods – local grocery store
  • Closest Meijer is in Sault Ste. Marie
  • The Cottage- local gifts and Patagonia retailer
  • Apple Core General Store- local gifts and handmade items and gifts
  • Les Cheneaux Roasters- local coffee shop with wrap around outdoor porch and Wifi
  • Les Cheneaux Distillers – local distiller and restaurant
  • Snows Bar and Grill- local dining and bar